Jan 10, 2018
Kids Bring Parents to Work (Cycle)

Parents of students in Lamplighters Yeshiva joined for “Bring Your Parents to Work Cycle Day”, joining their child's classes for the day.

On January 1st, when many parents were off work, Lamplighters Yeshivah took the opportunity to host a “Bring Your Parents to Work Cycle Day” for its upper elementary classes.

A “Work Cycle,” a period of uninterrupted learning time where students work independently or are given lessons in small groups by their teacher, is fundamental to Lamplighters’ model which recognizes and respects individual variations in the learning process-- a true “Al Pi Darko” education.

During this time, every day, children have time to work through the various tasks, responsibilities, and subjects at their own pace. Lamplighters believes that this uninterrupted work period is vital, as it helps the children build concentration, independence and time management skills, and the integration of Judaic and secular studies is able to occur.

Parents were so enthused to visit the classes and partake in their child’s Chumash, Mishnah and Gemarah classes. It was an incredible opportunity to see their children in action, engage with materials, and participate in their children's learning, chavrusa style. It also showcased the power of the parent-teacher partnership-- that some of the most beautiful parenting moments are born from educational opportunities.

Lamplighters looks forward to building many more moments for meaningful learning between our students, teachers and parents this year!

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