Nov 10, 2017
Tearful Funeral For Shua Polonsky

A large crowd participated in the tearful funeral of Shua Polonsky, a beloved husband and father whose passing shocked his family, community, and the wider public.

By COLlive reporter

In chilly weather and under cloudy skies, a crowd of men and women stood with broken hearts on Eastern Parkway to bid farewell to a young husband and father, Shua Polonsky OBM.

Tears flowed as the procession from Shomrei Hadas Chapels passed before the 770 building, solidifying the shock of his sudden illness and passing on Thursday at the age of 31.

Polonsky, born in Cleveland, lived in Crown Heights with his wife and 2 children. He suddenly fell ill 2 weeks ago with acute heart failure and had undergone 3 open-heart surgeries.

His illness led family members and friends to call on the public to pray and do Mitzvos in his merit. People from around the world responded with support and compassion, sharing the activities they have done with the hashtag #ShuaStrong.

When the announcement came about his passing, the news was received by a collective shock. Even people who weren't that familier with Polonsky made it a point to attend the funeral on Friday morning.

Heshy Jay, CEO of the Scoop event planners, was one of the people who attended the funeral, although Polonsky was "a guy I didn't know that well."

Jay said that from the little that he did know, Polonsky "radiated amazing happy energy with this huge electric smile filled with love."

He said Polonsky leaves behind his wife, children and "all the people he touched when he was alive while healthy and the many more while he was fighting like a lion to stay with us."

Many condolences were also shared on the Instagram account of The Frock, a modest fashion label founded by Shua's wife Simi Polonsky and her sister Chaya Chanin (nee Gestetner).

"I am completely numb and heartbroken," wrote theorangesquare. "We davened hard and had Shua in our minds every day and followed your journey right beside you. All our tefillos and tears were not in vain. We were united in prayer. May Hashem give you and your family strength."

Another, curls_hairandwigsalon, wrote: "May Hashem give you strength. Never met you, never knew you, but I followed along your journey as if you were family. I'm heartbroken. May we only see brighter days ahead."

Shiva times and address for

Shua Polonsky

Yehoshua Raphael Halevi Ben Hershel Leib halevi

502 New York Ave, apt 4b

Day session 10am-2pm
Night session 8pm-9:30pm

Shachris: 10am
Mincha: 1pm
Maariv: 8pm

Please respect the scheduled times.

The family has requested to please share any pictures, stories and memories you may have (written stories or voice recording) of Shua to

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Opinions and Comments
From Robin Garbose
Sending love and comfort to Yocheved, Rachel and Natali. Broken- hearted.
(11/10/2017 11:14:07 AM)
BS"D depressing, the problem with life is that we can bear our own problems but cannot bear the suffering of another Yid. I hope to G-d that the children grow up to give the Rebbe and the parents True Chassidish Nachas and they have an advocate on High and enough is enough
(11/10/2017 11:57:05 AM)
Ad mosai?!?
Polonsky Family - I am so so sad and sorry and heartbroken! May Hashem comfort you!! Moshiach has to come. Shua will be back before we know it!
Such devestating news.
(11/10/2017 12:48:16 PM)
No words
May he beseech The Aibeshter to bring Moshiach. May we be reunited with this special soul speedily.

Hamokom yirachem eschem
(11/10/2017 2:20:59 PM)
From Kuliks and Torenheim's and From all Australians around the world
BDE to all families Gestetners, Barbers, Polonsky's and Waxmans and all relatives. May Moshiach be here now to ease all the pain of poor Emanuella and Sofia and Simi, our hearts are with you. Whatever you need just reach out we are here for you any time...
(11/11/2017 4:43:58 PM)
So sorry to the Polansky family and all he knew this wonderful man, on their loss. May you all be comforted in his memories and good deeds
(11/11/2017 10:01:58 PM)
So heartbreaking
May hashem comfort the familg
(11/12/2017 10:32:51 AM)
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