May 17, 2018
In the Desert, On a Mountain

The Parsha Show with Eli Weiss: Why was the Torah given in the desert, on a mountain?

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Thank you collive
Funny funny funny
(5/17/2018 10:09:39 PM)
Thank you
It is so amazing how you never end a video without saying something about Moshiach! That’s amazing, and I am sure the rebbe is really proud of it!! Have a great Shabbos :)
(5/17/2018 10:12:14 PM)
Eli good job!
Amazing videos you keep on making us smile!
(#sgp 5777)
(5/18/2018 7:11:17 AM)
Love these videos
I don’t alwaus comment
But I always watch theses videos when they’re posted here
They’re so good and enjoyable to watch
Very well done!!
Yasher koach!
Definitely make The Rebbe proud!
And you summarize the Sicha to the point, understandably and clear
Thank you!
Moshiach now!!
(5/18/2018 8:16:36 AM)
Love it
I love it, keep on doing the videos.
Mashiach now
(5/22/2018 9:25:32 AM)
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